Expert Replacement Services

If your System needs to be replaced or you simply don’t have a system and need one installed, we have a wide variety of options for you to choose from. Unlike some companies that just drop in a new unit that they deem “close enough” to the old one, we do a thorough inspection of the home to determine your specific requirements. Then, we sit down and listen to your comfort needs and help you decide which system best suits your home and your budget. 

We take the time to understand any short comings in comfort such as cold or warm spots of the home as well as take in account whatever remodeling and/or changes have been made to the home since the last systems installation. Com24 understands that an central equipment is a costly investment and we strive to exceed our customers expectations for performance and efficiency. 

We believe equipment is at the forefront of longevity and performance. This is why we're a Bryant Gold installer and a Bosch Accredit Contractor. Having the best equipment at affordable prices provides our customers with options that match their expectations. 


When to Replace vs Repair?

Com24 is a service provider first and foremost. We will not recommend replacement of a customers unit unless cost of repair is no longer economical. Often times repair is recommended when a reasonably priced repair can breath life into an otherwise older unit. 

When we recommend replacement:
- When a unit is over 10 years old and requires a significantly priced repair which exceeds 30% of the replacement cost. 
- When a parts are phased out and no longer available. 

- When a recall has determined that it is unsafe to continue to utilize the equipment. 

Myth of Complete Replacement:

Over the years many companies have adopted the "It must all be replaced at the same time" mentality. This is not always the case. In todays economy many people may elect to replace only one part of the system instead of replacing both the A/C and the Furnace. This is called a "System Match-Up". When engineered, researched and conducted properly there is no harm in replacing just part of the system. The owner of Com24 personally oversees all system match-up designs and ensures compatibility prior to issuing an estimate. Com24 has successfully completed hundreds of System Match-up projects while retaining 100% customer satisfaction. 

Myth of R-22 Unit Replacement:

The United States government passed a bill many years ago signalling to stop production of a very common refrigerant called R-22. This action was brought on due to environmental concerns.

The cost of R-22 has skyrocked over the past 5 years due to its availability. Where once $25-$50.00 a lb was the industry standard; its not uncommon for the cost to exceed $200.00 a lb in certain parts of the country. 

Com24 recognizes the need to support and educate our customers with options to keep their units running.  Rather it be adding R22 to a unit, Retrofitting to another type of Refrigerant or replacement of the unit; our customers will receive the information they need to make an informed decision.