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Preventative Maintenance 


Annual HVAC Maintenance is vital when it comes to enhancing your system’s efficiency and keeping its lifespan.

Customers ask repeat questions all the time and it's so important to understand why

Preventative Maintenance should be on the top priority of ones list.



Making sure that your unit is fine tuned, cleaned, charged and ready to run

for the upcoming season is extremely important. The last thing you want is to turn

on a unit that hasn't been cleaned or serviced in quite some time to find out that it

really isn't running as good as it should.  It’s essential to have your furnace serviced 

before the cold midwest winters and your air conditioner checked before the heat

of summer. Don't be "Last Minute Lucy" and wait for a crazy change in weather only

to find yourself stuck in a situation where your unit isn't turning on or not producing

the type of warm air or cold air it should. 


Preventative Maintenance will not only save you money down the line but it will save

you headaches! If you routinely service your unit then your less likely to have bigger

problems in the future. Less problems equates to fewer repairs, hardly any

breakdowns and no surprises! 


Preventative Maintenance keeps your HVAC system Reliable, Efficient,

Dependable and Orderly. 


Customers are Always Asking... 

"How do I stay on track with maintaining my units? I always forget!" - Sharon (Cary, IL.)

"How often do I need to change my air filter?" - Rezna (Algonquin IL.)

"Should I repair or replace my HVAC system?" - Brian (Mt. Prospect IL.)

"How can I save on energy costs?" - Harry (Woodstock IL.)

"How long do these types of HVAC systems last?" - Michael (Huntley, IL.)

These are all GREAT questions & we have ONE answer. 

Join our low cost maintenance program! 

"What's your low cost maintenance program called?"

"The Comfort Club"

Whatever your preference is... calls, emails, texts or reminders through our personalized system;

we make it a point to keep in touch and stay connected with you throughout the year.

We send gentle reminders explaining when maintenance is due on your furnace,

air conditioner, hot water heater, humidifier, boiler, dryer vents, etc.

This specialized program helps customers stay on track with maintaining their units

so they don't have to worry about doing it themselves. We are offering the Comfort Club to

select customers who can also save money on much larger purchases like installations!

Comfort Club members get the VIP treatment and receive 5-20% off of select services like

dryer vent cleaning, duct cleaning, plumbing services, electrical jobs/repairs,

and basically any other services that Com24 provides.

Take a look below:


What's Included in the Club?

~ 1 FREE FURNACE CLEAN & CHECK (Usually in fall) Savings $120


~ 1 FREE AC CLEAN & CHECK (Usually in Spring) Savings $120


~ 1 FREE DIAGNOSTICS SERVICE CALL (Yearly) Savings $120+parts

(Ex: AC/ heat goes out, abnormal noises/sounds coming from unit, low

refrigerant, water leaks/pipe burst, thermostat malfunctioning, pipes

freezing up, AC not cooling, whatever it is; customers get a free visit) 



If something happens at home, just call us and we'll get you on the

schedule- same day! No calling around trying to find a company that's

available in 95 degree heat! Just pick up the phone, call your new HVAC

team and get on the schedule! Same Day- VIP Service.


~ Text-A-Tech about ANYTHING (HUGE Customer Favorite)

Not sure how to do something around the house? Need some guidance on

how to unclog your dishwasher that's not draining? What filter should I use

in my air conditioner? What types of water heaters are the best on the

market? Am I ready for a humidifier in my home? Get personal access to

a private number to text a tech and ask for help at ANYTIME- day or night. 


~ Save Money & Receive Huge Discounts~

   -Receive (15% off) on Service/Repairs

   -Receive  (5% off) on Installs (AC/furnace, humidifier, heat pump, water heater/softener, etc.)

   -Receive (20% off) on Whole House Duct Cleanings and Dryer Vent Cleanings 


~ NO CHARGES for Emergency Calls or for Overtime! NO OVERTIME


The COMFORT CLUB isn't for everyone and you can cancel at any time. The great thing

about this program is that we are a one stop shop and you don't have to worry or stress

about calling anyone else for your HVAC or PLUMBING NEEDS . We install everything from

Hot Water Heaters, Water Softeners, Humidifiers, Dehumidifiers, Heat Pumps, Boilers and

Air Scrubbers. We can help with any of your plumbing needs. We have a licensed plumber

on board and we are ready to take on leaks, pipe pressure adjustments, blockages, and

maintenance/cleaning on plumbing systems.


The Comfort Club is a monthly membership for our customers and IT'S ONLY $19.99 A MONTH.

We will take great care of you. We promise. 

Additional Benefits


Keeps your energy bills in check

Keeps your system operating at peak performance

Increases the lifespan of your system

Cleans your system to improve your indoor air quality

Prevents major repairs


Why Choose Us?

Outstanding personal service from the beginning of your service call to the end

Honest, professional, certified technicians

The best customer service in the industry, every time

A passion for quality work

An innovative, honest, holistic approach to our service

5 star Reviews on Google & Yelp from honest and real customers

Experienced technicians that actually care and love what they do

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Com24 Schedule Service
Com24 Schedule Service
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