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Com24 is a locally owned and operated family company that was created in 2008.

We follow the tradition of hard work, dedication, honesty and family values.

We operate on trust, respect, reliability, positivity, perseverance and most importantly teamwork. Communication is our biggest strength; whether it’s talking to our fellow coworkers

or communicating with our customers. We always try our absolute hardest to relay

any and all pertinent information as it comes available to us. Our customers have their own lives too

and some prefer email, texting, messaging through our private system or

personal phone calls as their primary line of contact.

Com24 continues to listen to their customers in order to ensure satisfaction is guaranteed.

Our ultimate goal is to create a long standing relationship with our customers so that we are

their trusted HVAC company for life.

Our Team...

Installs, Repairs, Maintains, Services and they continue to build solid relationships with our customers.

Our team comes together every day and works as one unit.

They are dedicated, honorable and have given our customers a real sense of what "family" truly means.

Com24 will go above and beyond. Our reputation and character are never questioned. 



We are Jay & Jenna Middleton and we're the owners of Com24 Heating & Air. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by our website.

We are extremely proud of Com24 and we welcome all walks of life!

If it wasn't for customers like you then we wouldn't have people supporting local businesses like us.

We are huge supporters for our Local Police Department and for officers around the world.

Thank you so much for your service. We also would like to thank our Military for your service, sacrifice, courage, bravery and passion for what you do. Veterans have always held a special place in our hearts so we would like to honor all the veterans who have served before us.

Thank you for keeping us safe and for protecting our families.


When we aren't working on the business and we aren't talking about furnaces and air conditioners all day~

we are chauffeuring our kids all around town!

Most of the time we feel like Glorified Uber Drivers! If it's not going to cheerleading practice~ then it's off to a cheerleading competition, gymnastics, ballet class, or a school function!

Our 2 beautiful daughters keep us extremely busy along with our 2 labradores.

Life is never boring : )

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Meet the Middleton's

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Meet Jay Middleton

Yep! This is the guy that your Facebook Pal referred you too!

Or maybe it was that McHenry County Contractors Review Page! We get so much love from our current customers from there. Or... it could have been your neighbors Rob & Patty telling you how awesome this guy was right here!  Regardless of how you got here... Thank you for checking us out and we hope you stay!

Anyone who has met Jay instantly sees his passion for Heating & Air Conditioning.

He enjoys spending the majority of his time on job sites with his Team and Customers.

He not only takes his time explaining what the issue or problem is at hand but he enjoys educating and showing others how they can fix things themselves. Jay's devotion for teaching and helping others started young when he was taking things apart and putting them back together for fun.

He was always a tinker and was always fixing things for his family and friends.

Jay established Com24 Heating & Air Conditioning in 2008 at the beginning of what many would consider the worst recession in history. Prior to 2008, Jay was a Lead Engineer tasked with building and maintaining Heating & Air Conditioning equipment for large commercial buildings, shopping malls, and assisted living communities. 

Jay presently holds multiple licenses and certifications including: Electrical Licensing, Boiler Control, Operations Certifications and Residential/Commercial HVAC Licenses. 

Jay resides in Woodstock with his wife Jenna and their two beautiful girls. In his free time he enjoys working on their new house and creating new projects. He enjoys relaxing with his 2 yellow labs, backyard campfires, camping, gun ranges, watching stupid TikTok videos and spending time with his wife and kids.

Com24 Heating & AiR

Com24 Schedule Service
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