Quality Heating & Air Conditioning in Huntley Illinois

We maybe located in LITH (Lake in the Hills Illinois) but we spend a lot of our time with our neighbors in Huntley Illinois.  To be frank, We have become the local experts in Huntley for homeowners who seek  to upgrade, repair or maintain their Furnace or Air Conditioning Equipment.  Rather you're on a farm or live in Del Webb, Com24 Heating & Air Conditioning has the professional technicians and experience to handle all of your HVAC needs.

Looking for service on your Furnace or Air Conditioner? We have extensive knowledge of the equipment installed by the various builders. . We also stock a wide assortment of parts found in the area homes to facilitate a timely repair.


Ready for an upgrade or replacement? With extensive knowledge of the construction of the local subdivisions in Huntley we're able to apply best practices to achieve high efficiency on all of our installs. We utilize our experience to eliminate cold spots or poorly vented areas by identifying common trends that were applied at the time of construction. 


We have experience in the following subdivisions