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What are the different types of duct cleaning? 

There are two major types of duct cleaning processes. Although the two types are generally recognized by the industry they're vastly different. Both provide different substantially different results. Lower cost duct cleaning specials typically come down to the equipment utilized and quality of work. 


Our Process is the Push-Pull. We direct all dust and debris in the duct work exactly where we want it while utilizing  air to reach every single inch of your

duct work. 

The old process of utilizing a 

Roto-Brush. Although also accepted by the industry, Roto Brushing is aggressive and lacks 

the surface contact Push-Pull

can achieve. 

The Two Types of Equipment

Respectable duct cleaning companies mainly utilize two recognized systems for cleaning your ductwork. A Rotary Brush system or a Push/Pull Vacuum System. Both systems work at removing dirt and debris from your ducting, but they are both very different in what they accomplish.

As you can see however (Left), these acceptable systems are very different from each other and achieve very different results.



Negative Air Produced

Size of debris that can be removed

Recommended for systems with Dampers



Ability to handle sharp turns in smaller diameter ductwork


Typical Vacuum Airflow is around 150-300cfm

The size of the nozzle is the limiting factor here. Larger debris can block the vacuum

Brush cannot pass through dampers and causes dust to collect at them.

Vacuum hose is usually 3 inch diameter and is prone to getting stuck

PUSH / PULL (Com24)

Typical Vacuum Airflow is around 2000cfm

Larger toys, construction debris, dead rodents, and more can be dislodged and removed from the ductwork

Air Hose is small enough to pass through Dampers

Air Sweep and brush are less than 1 inch in diameter

Is Duct Cleaning a Licensed Profession? 

What Does it Cost?

In Illinois the answer is no. Factually, duct cleaning started in the Carpet Cleaning industry. Over the years many States have successfully presented bills to limit Duct Cleaning to licensed heating and air conditioning professionals to help stop fraud and expensive damage caused by poorly executed cleanings and poorly trained technicians. 

All duct cleaning is done by our In-House Certified and EPA Licensed Heating & Air Conditioning technicians. Not Chuck with a Truck or a carpet cleaning company. Don't trust just anyone to clean your duct work, especially carpet cleaners.

See Our Process 
Our Process is Clean & Effective. All Dust is collected with our HEPA vacuums instead of blown around your home like Roto-Brush Systems and positive air machines.


Dryer Vent Compliance and Cleaning Made Simple
Dryer Vent Cleaning is a quick and efficient way to safe guard your home from potential fires while improving the performance of your clothes dryer. Although this demonstration shows us discharging all dust to the exterior the process is similar as in-home duct cleaning where a HEPA vacuum is utilized for collection purposes. 

We're competitively priced and offer extraordinary value to our customers by providing them with a firm price specific to their home.  No Up-sales, Gimmicks, or Games! 

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