Warranty Information

If you're like most savvy consumers you have done a tremendous amount of research to get you to this point. All that's left is to compare models and contractors to determine which is the best fit for you. 

The advancements in residential equipment in the recent years has turned what was once a box with flame and fan into a Comfort Machine with high tech electronics, programming and tuning for proper efficiency. Technicians utilize expensive and complicated computerized tools to achieve proper air flow, troubleshoot or adjust fuel/oxygen mixtures. 

So this has many people asking, "What if we experience a problem?" Com24 Heating & Air Conditioning LLC wants to be your provider of choice.  We keep a large amount of common maintenance and repair parts stocked and readily available to ensure we can get our customers back up and running same day.

We provide all customers a 5 year labor warranty.. Also the warranty is 100% transferrable making it ideal for families who are considering moving in the next couple years. After all, nothing provides assurance in the sale of your home like new equipment and a warranty! 

Our labor warranty is all backed and underwritten by JB Warrantees. For specific information and their terms please visit them online at https://www.jbwarranties.com/.  JB Warrantees is the industry leader in HVAC warrantees with the most impressive track record and ratings in customer satisfaction. 

Material Warranty is provided by Trane. You can learn more about their warrantees at Trane.com. 


Our Warranty Requirements are simple. 
- Altered or Modified Equipment determined to have caused the issue will void your warranty. 
- Unit must receive basic preventative maintenance as outlined by the manufacturer. Maintenance does not have to be completed by our organization. 
- Damages normally covered by your home owners insurance
- Damages caused by acts of nature (power surges, fire, flood, etc).